Garage Door Services

Specializing in more than one field, we also build and install full-service, smart home garage doors here at Custom Fireplace.

Innovate your Garage System

Don’t let our name fool you. Also offering full-service garage doors, we can completely customize your garage doors. Let’s add great value to your existing home by simply putting in a new garage door or operator.

Tired of wondering if your garage door is closed or not?

With our smart operators, you can always know if your house and belongings are safe.

Modernize the Appearance of your Home

Have you been looking for ways to update the outside of your home, but don’t want to completely re-do it?

New garage doors will change your home’s appearance for the better.

with our expertise in modern design and smart home systems, you can get that new and innovative garage you’ve been dreaming of.




Your Custom Fireplace built garage includes:

– smart garage operators

–  custom designs inspired by you

–  guarenteed to be built to perfection by our experts

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