Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Why stay indoors when cooking for friends & family? Completely transform your hospitality with a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

Stay Connected While Cooking

No need to stay indoors while hosting people at your home. Revel in all aspects of the outdoors while being able to cook poolside, or while your company is gathered around the fire pit.

Keeping you and your guests connected during every outdoor gathering, our customized outdoor kitchens completely change outdoor entertainment.

An outdoor kitchen is an investment that will bring decades of memories and good times. It’s important to know what you are buying. Custom Fireplace earned the reputation of Best in Class, by using the highest quality materials, detailed production protocol and an unparalleled customer experience. We are a family owned company and when you need something, you give us a call. We design and build all of our kitchens in house, ensuring a top quality, dependable and custom outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor BBQ

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