There is absolutely no better way to experience life in Utah, than with a custom outdoor fireplace! With the beautiful scenery and weather, the amazing state is made to be enjoyed outside.

Over the last decade or so, custom outdoor fireplaces have continued to be a necessity living in Utah. The outdoor living design adds an extra focal point that not only transforms your backyard visually, but it creates a warm and comfortable outdoor space for you and your loved ones.

When designing your custom outdoor fireplace, at Custom Fireplace in St. George, Utah, we get it done in three easy steps! Keep reading to learn more.

Custom Fireplace in Utah

At Custom Fireplace in Utah, we specialize in many areas, including custom outdoor fireplaces. We strive to create beautiful and one of a kind pieces for each customer.

From natural gas, propan, to wood burning fire pits. Our goal is to create the perfect outdoor space that will bring your family and friends together for years to come. Those colder evenings throughout the year, as well as long summer nights spent outside by your new outdoor fireplace.

Our Custom Fireplace fire pits are somewhat of a new conversation piece in your home. Creating that space for long conversations and fun activities that last late into the evening.

If you have particular designs in mind, we’re able to create a new outdoor fireplace design for you. By visiting our website and submitting a design inquiry with one of our custom design experts!

From linear to square, small or large, almost any design you’d like is obtainable!

We want to help you transform your outdoor entertainment space into something of the highest level. With no reason to settle for less in Utah, the custom fireplace experts are readily available. Follow along to learn more about what we do!

custom outdoor fireplaces in utah

Adding a Custom Outdoor Fireplace

When you’ve made the decision to add a custom outdoor fireplace to your home in Utah, that’s the first step to an awesome journey. 

With our custom designs from our Custom Fireplace experts, not only will your new outdoor fireplace be safe, it will look beautiful, be masterly constructed and be user friendly.

After your inquiry with our design team, we’ll want to explore design options and performance choices that best suit your wants/needs:

  • Gas or wood burning fireplace
  • Stone, brick, stucco, and endless decorative options
  • Seamless design with a surrounding wall or patio
  • With or without a custom outdoor kitchen

Choosing a Custom Outdoor Fireplace in Utah

With Custom Fireplace, our designs will make your new piece look and feel like a new, but natural part of your outdoor living area. Taking into account the design of your home and making the design look seamless.

We don’t want it to look like a huge fireplace was just set in the middle of your perfect desert home landscape. What we’re going for, is more of a subtle, but beautiful addition to become the centerpiece of your outdoor living space in Utah. 

Not only will our team of expert designers help you to make an ideal outdoor fireplace, they’ll help you complete the backyard design you’ve been dreaming of.

Blending in seamlessly with the Utah desert surroundings, your new custom outdoor fireplace is just what you need. 

custom outdoor fireplaces in utah

Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance

The end result not only adds value to your property, but it’s easy to maintain. At Custom Fireplace, we even provide free maintenance!

We offer full-service maintenance on all models of fireplaces. There is no fireplace we can’t fix. 

Want yearly maintenance to give you peace of mind during the burn season? We can help you rest easy at night and have no fear of your fireplace.

We’ll come by and make your outdoor custom fireplace look as good as it did the day we first installed it!

Your new fireplace will completely change the appeal of your outdoor space — making it easy to things such as:

  • Relax,
  • Dine,
  • Or Entertain 

on any desert evening!

Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Utah

At Custom Fireplace, not only can we create the perfect outdoor fireplace, we can complete the total look by adding a custom outdoor kitchen!

We believe when living in Southern Utah especially, there is no need to stay indoors. Especially while hosting family and friends at your home. Take advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather and scenery here in Utah.

With being able to cook outside, fireside, or poolside, your company can join you and the festivities can be more enjoyable than ever.

By keeping you and your guests connected during all of your outdoor gatherings at your beautiful home, there’s never been a better way than with our customized outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

Custom Fireplace is completely changing the definition of outdoor entertainment here in Southern Utah.

custom outdoor fireplaces in utah

Why an Outdoor Kitchen?

We realize that choosing to install a custom outdoor fireplace is a large investment, but it’s one that’ll last for years to come. With new memories and good times because you’re able to stay connected with guests at all times.

Because it is a large investment, we want to make sure you know what you’re buying. That’s as important to us, as it may be to you!

Custom Fireplace has earned their reputation of “Best in Class”, because we use:

  • High Quality Materials
  • Detailed Production Protocol
  • Unparalleled Customer Experience

Not only that, but we’re family owned and operated.

That means if you ever need anything, just give us a quick call. We ensure a personalized and detailed experience for all customers. Designing and building all of our outdoor custom kitchens in house.

We ensure your custom outdoor kitchen in Utah is top quality and dependable, guaranteed.

Get A Quote Today!

With over 40 years in business, we at Custom Fireplace offer the most innovative fireplaces on the market as well as the traditional units that have withstood the test of time. We have a taste and style that anyone and everyone can enjoy. 

At Custom Fireplace, you aren’t a customer as much as you are family. We love our community and want to help out in any way possible.

If you live in Southern Utah, contact us for a quote today on custom outdoor fireplaces, or custom outdoor kitchens! 

We offer other services as well, visit our website for more information.

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