If you’re a homeowner, learning how a custom fireplace can add value to your home could be incredibly beneficial. If you ask any current homeowner what their dream home would contain, the list probably goes on.

After granite countertops, walk-in closets and maybe even a home theatre, a custom fireplace should be high on their list. Not only have fireplaces been a home staple for centuries as a source of heat, they’re now an aesthetic touch in the perfect home design.

By increasing a home’s economic, design, energy, and personal value. Let us go over how a custom fireplace can add value to your home. With us, at Custom Fireplace in St. George, Utah.

Economic Value

Along with other home features like countertop materials, square footage, and more, fireplaces, especially custom fireplaces with new designs, can add a high end touch that the final selling price of a home may reflect.

According to one study, a fireplace can add up to 12% to a home’s final value. And, when you work with a custom fireplace company, you can design the exact fire feature your home needs.

Fireplaces create an atmosphere and evoke feelings that cannot be easily duplicated. From the smell of the wood burning, to the sight of the sparking flames, the warmth of the heat and the crackling sounds, indoor hearths instantly transport homeowners into a relaxed state of mind. 

So, it’s not surprising that home buyers place such an importance on finding homes with fireplaces. 

Energy Saving Value

Fireplaces became essential centuries ago. For purposes of in-home heating and convenience. They still hold that same value in warming homes today. Central heating systems today that have to be run throughout winter can become highly expensive for homeowners.

Now, with a modern custom fireplace, homeowners can curb these unnecessary costs. Earning their investment back and then some.

The best of custom fireplace manufacturers can create fireplaces that work right in line with the home’s heating ducts and vents. This spreads the natural heat of fire throughout the whole home.

Meaning that rather than all of the heat staying in one central area near the fireplace, like maybe the living room, everyone can enjoy and feel the fireplace’s warmth from any place in the home.

Aesthetic and Design Value

A house is way more than just a home, it’s a personal investment. For a lot of people, their house is the single most valuable thing they own, or will ever own.

People do take great pride in creating the perfect space for themselves and their loved ones. A lot of times, this involves renovations. Maybe the home is getting older, or doesn’t meet the needs of the current time, or occupants. 

Sometimes you just want something new, or to add more value to your home. A custom fireplace is a great way to accomplish this.

Nowadays, there are optimum amounts of style choices for home features. All of which can add unique and personal flair to any home. Custom fireplace features can put all of the focus on the center of a home.

Typically, custom fireplaces can have multiple sides and even help put the indoor and outdoor living spaces into conjunction. Creating a seamless, homey feeling all around the home. 

With classic, or even rustic wood burning custom fireplaces, there’re so many options to choose from. The one important tactic when building a custom fireplace in your home, is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable fireplace manufacturer. One that has a team that can bring your exact vision to life.

At Custom Fireplace in St. George, Utah, we do just that! Creating an experienced approach to help customers purchase and get their fireplaces installed both in new construction and remodels. We also offer firepits, gas logs, cleaning and maintenance

Personal Value

Not only does a custom fireplace add monetary value to your home, it can also add personal value.

Fireplaces are a great home amenity that everyone can experience and enjoy together. Fire has always been a great gathering place for centuries.  With a custom fireplace in your home, you and your family, or even guests will naturally gravitate towards it.

When potential buyers are viewing homes, they see a fireplace and immediately picture the time that could be spent around it. Countless memories and hours curled up, enjoying it’s warmth and loved ones company. 

This can play a big role in an encouragement to purchase a home. That personal touch of an amenity is just another way of how a custom fireplace adds value to your home.

Fireplaces and fire features are a timeless part of time. Adding a custom fireplace in home becomes a timeless investment. 

Homebuilders and buyers alike can agree: A house with a custom fireplace is more valuable than one without. In more ways than one.

Custom Fireplaces in St. George Utah

Custom Fireplace is a locally-owned company that cares deeply about making your house a home and making sure we help keep you warm and comfortable. Offering the highest quality custom fireplaces in Southern Utah.

We have the most extensive experience when it comes to completely custom fireplaces. We excel in creating completely unique fireplaces for your home. 

Want a big enough fireplace to walk into? We can do that. Want a 20-foot fireplace that can take up your whole wall? We can do that. Want a fireplace hanging from the ceiling? We can… well, you get the idea. There is nothing we can’t do.

We offer the most innovative fireplaces on the market as well as the traditional units that have withstood the test of time.We have a taste and style that anyone and everyone can enjoy. Come down to our showroom and feel the warmth of your future fireplace.