Warm your house up with a Custom Fireplace in Park City.

When it comes to setting the mood and introducing warmth in a home, nothing can beat a fireplace, particularly during winter. Wooden fireplaces and stoves can not only reduce your heating costs, but also be romantic and inviting. The hearth can be a great place for friends and family to gather around when there’s an extra nip in the park city air. Before you take the plunge, here are a few things you should consider.

What Room is Best For a Fireplace?

Families may gather around the fireplace during the winter months, making it a functional addition in the family room while everyone’s relaxing. Most homes with a single fireplace tend to position their fireplaces in these common areas that get the most use. Most people choose to put their fireplace in the living room or family room. Some homes even include two fireplaces – one in each common area. 

Other popular choices for fireplaces include master bedrooms and kitchens. If you plan to put your Christmas tree next to the fireplace, you may want to consider which room will have space for both. 

As you’re designing the layout for your new home, or renovating your existing one,  you’ll have to decide on where to put your fireplace. Adding a fireplace to an existing space or replacing the fireplace and surrounding area can be an expensive renovation so it’s important to think of every detail and scenario before deciding.

What Type of Custom Fireplace Should I Choose?

Now that you have decided where you are going to place your fireplace, next is deciding what kind of custom fireplace in your Park City home would look best. There are four different types of indoor custom fireplaces to choose from. Wood, gas, electric, and ethanol. 

Wood-burning Fireplace

Custom Fireplace Park City

A wood-burning fireplace is as cozy as it gets.  They’re the oldest, most traditional option. The scent, the sound and the heat are the ideal combination to get you through winter and into the Christmas spirit. They’re also a lifesaver during a power outage!

One thing to keep in mind is that wood-burning fireplaces are the most high-maintenance and most expensive. Not only will you need to keep a steady supply of firewood, you’ll need to know how to start a fire and keep it burning.

Safety is also a major concern with a wood-burning fireplace. With the risk of hot embers popping out of unscreened fires, your chimney needs to be routinely cleaned to avoid build-up. Ashes should be swept away once the fire dies.

If you love the idea of a rustic wood-burning fireplace, but you can’t commit to all the work, it may not be the best choice.

One last thing to remember is that wood-burning fireplaces need a chimney for the smoke and gases to escape your home. The other fireplace choices don’t have this requirement.

If you are totally set on the aesthetic of a wood burning custom fireplace, but don’t want the upkeep, you’re in luck! At Custom Fireplace Park City, we can make a custom fireplace for you that looks like a wood burning fireplace, but doesn’t have the upkeep. 

Gas Fireplace

custom fireplace park city

Gas fireplaces are a popular choice for new homeowners because they are convenient. Compared to wood-burning fireplaces, they’re easy to maintain, without any clean-up of wood chips and ashes, and there’s no lingering smell. 

Gas custom fireplaces are an affordable and flexible option. They can be installed in any room you want, and they don’t require a chimney like a traditional fireplace. Instead, gas fireplaces need a gas hook-up and can be vented through a pipe in the wall, or gas inserts. Gas burns much cleaner than wood-fire. 

They’re user-friendly so you can start up your fireplace with a switch or remote control to ignite the gas or propane. There’s no smoke and no open fire, but you can still see dancing flames that’ll warm up the room. 

Electric Fireplace

Custom fireplace park city

Electric fireplaces are among the most popular of the custom fireplaces in Park City. Also being the most convenient and easy to use out of the four custom fireplace types.

The thing about electric fireplaces is that there isn’t actually a fire, just an electric heater designed to look like a fire. So they are perfect if you are wanting the beauty and aesthetic of a fire, without the danger and upkeep of a fire. They’re also the safest option if you have young children or pets in the house.

Your electric fireplace can be completely customized. Technology has come a long way; they come with 3D flames and crackling sounds that are identical to a real fire. You can complete the look with a wall-mounted unit, adding a mantel and safety inserts to bring your “fireplace” to life. Anything you can think of, we can do!

Ethanol Fireplace

Custom fireplace park city

An ethanol fireplace is one of the newer fireplace choices on the market. It’s ventless and uses renewable, clean-burning bioethanol fuel..

You simply fill up the burner container and light it up to create real flames, without any smoke, smell or chemicals. To turn it off, simply close the burner.

Most of these fireplaces come preassembled, making installation as easy as mounting it to the wall or deciding on the best location to place a freestanding fireplace. They usually come with the body, accessories like rocks or ceramic logs, and the burner container to hold the ethanol.

When it comes to your custom fireplace in Park City, ethanol fireplaces are fully customizable down to the last detail. 

Our Custom Fireplace Work

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We offer the most innovative fireplaces on the market as well as the traditional units that have withstood the test of time. We have a taste and style that anyone and everyone can enjoy. To see more of our work click here. Our fireplaces are the highest quality custom fireplaces in Park City. Whatever you want, we can do!