What is Custom Fireplace?

Custom Fireplace offers an experienced approach to help customers purchase and get their fireplaces installed both in new construction and remodels. We also offer Firepits, Gas Logs, Custom Fireplaces, Cleaning & Maintenance, and Garage Door sales and installs. Located in Southern Utah, Custom Fireplace is St. George’s Premiere Custom Fireplace Builder.

What Types of Services are Offered?

Custom Fireplaces

We have the most extensive experience when it comes to completely custom fireplaces. We excel in creating completely unique fireplaces for your home. Want a big enough fireplace to walk into? We can do that. Want a 20-foot fireplace that can take up your whole wall? We can do that. Want a fireplace hanging from the ceiling? We can… well, you get the idea. There is nothing we can’t do!

Standard Fireplaces

We offer the most innovative fireplaces on the market as well as the traditional units that have withstood the test of time.We have a taste and style that anyone and everyone can enjoy. Come down to our showroom and feel the warmth of your future fireplace.


In need of a good cleaning of your existing custom fireplace? Let us come by and make it look as new as the day it was installed. We offer full-service maintenance on all models of fireplaces. There is no fireplace we can’t fix. Want yearly maintenance to give you peace of mind during the burn season? We can make you rest easy at night and have no fear of your fireplace.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Did you know we create gorgeous custom outdoor kitchens from start to finish as well?  Our custom outdoor fireplaces and kitchens add the perfect touch to your barbeques and outdoor events. 

Gas Logs & Fire Pits

There is no better way to experience the beauty of the surroundings of our lovely state than with an outdoor fire pit. Linear to square, small to large, we can do anything you want. Make your outdoor entertaining space the best it could possibly be. No reason to have anything less.

Garage Doors

Don’t let our name fool you. We also offer full-service garage doors as well. Let’s add great value to your existing home by simply putting in a new garage door or operator. Tired of wondering if your garage door is closed or not? With our smart operators, you can always know if your house and belongings are safe. If you found that awesome garage door on Pinterest and need to have it just come on by and we’ll make it happen. Think of us and the sub-contractors you actually want to work with.

How Do I Make My Fireplace Custom?

There are many decisions to make when it comes to customizing your fireplace. From material, style, functionality, color, and size. We are here to help and guide you when it comes to designing and choosing your custom fireplace.

Size and Style

Your decision to go with a custom fireplace likely began with an image in your mind. Maybe you pictured a large, attention-grabbing focal point for your room, or maybe you imagined a smaller, more modest design. The overall look of your fireplace will dictate the appropriate size of your mantel to some degree. A thick, imposing mantel would overwhelm a smaller, slimmer fireplace and vice versa, but you do have some leeway to be creative and use the mantel to round out your vision. 


Design and aesthetics are the fun part of this process, but there are also some practical aspects to consider. For instance, if you have a section of your interior wall that juts out to cover your chimney, you’ll want to make sure the mantel is no wider than that, as an overhang can both look strange and create a hazard. What you want instead is for that section to “frame” the fireplace.

If you’re working with a flat wall, however, you don’t have to worry about this. In that case, the question of mantel size will mainly have to do with how you will use it. Will you hang garlands and stockings at Christmas time? Many people make their fireplace mantel the main focus of their house. If that is the case, you may think about a larger sized custom fireplace. Make sure the depth of your mantel provides you with enough space to use it as you envision year-round. 

What are The Benefits of a Custom Fireplace?

The beauty of a custom fireplace is that it is designed by you, built by experts, and crafted to perfection. We know how much you put into your home, and we want you to be able to achieve the perfect fireplace that is custom to you. Any size, any shape, any design. That is the great thing about Custom Fireplace. 

Most manufactured fireplaces don’t have the flexibility in design, size, or dramatic options needed or desired. Custom fireplace allows you to fully customize your fireplace to meet your design and functionality needs. 

Our Story

Custom Fireplace was started 40 years ago when Tim Fry started working with his dad and brothers and saw the business grow into what it is today.

Tim brought in Louis Garrett to help the business excel in today’s world all while keeping the traditional work ethic and values. Louis and Tim continue to run Custom Fireplace daily with the same commitment to detail, integrity, and commitment to price.

At Custom Fireplace, you aren’t a customer as much as you are family. We love our community and want to help out in any way possible.
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